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Skip Counting Umbrellas (Math Craft)

Practise skip counting this springtime (or just on a rainy day!) with these lovely umbrella math crafts.

Rain. As a Brit, I have certainly seen my fair share of rainy days.

And while it’s no fun being outside in the rain, I do love being inside when it’s raining, listening to the sound of the rain drumming on the roof.

When kids are involved, rainy days certainly mean that you need lots of activities to keep everyone occupied.

Today I’m sharing a new math craft that fits right in with the theme of a rainy day: it’s a skip counting umbrella math craft.

These beautiful umbrella crafts will have your child (or students) practising their skip counting patterns.

And when finished, they’ll have a colourful umbrella to display on the wall at home, or in the classroom.

Tell me about these Skip Counting Umbrellas

This fun math craft has been designed for children in grade 1 or 2 who are working on (or revising) skip counting patterns.

This math craft comes in the form of a PDF digital download that you can print at home or take to the print shop.

The umbrella craft comes as a two page printable: one page has the parts of the umbrella, and the second page as raindrops with numbers inside.

All your child will need to get started is the two page printable, a pair of scissors, colouring supplies and a glue stick.

The craft is included in 9 different versions for skip counting by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. This means you can select whichever skip counting pattern your child needs to practise.

If you’re a teacher using this craft with a class of students, it’s easy to differentiate: every child can make the same craft, but be practising the skip counting pattern that they need to work on.

How make a this skip counting umbrella craft

First, select the skip counting pattern that your child needs to practise and print of the corresponding two pages (one umbrella picture page and one raindrop numbers page).

Skip counting umbrella two-page printable (skip counting by 2).

Colour the umbrella and raindrops. Colouring pencils or crayons work best for this. I definitely recommend colouring first before cutting out (less chance of the small piece getting lost!).

Skip counting umbrella two-page printable coloured in.

Cut out the umbrella and handle, as well as the raindrop numbers.

With glue, attach the handle to the top of the umbrella (put glue on the top of the handle and stick to the back of the umbrella).

Skip counting umbrella craft with parts all cut out.

Next (and here comes the math!), put the raindrops onto the spaces on the umbrella so that the numbers are in skip counting order.

The first number has already been added. The arrows show the direction in which the number should follow.

Our example below shows the completed pattern for skip counting by 2:

Skip counting raindrops positioned in place on umbrella craft.

Remind your child/students to check all the numbers are in the correct spots before glueing the raindrops onto the umbrella.

And with that, your skip counting umbrella math craft is complete!

Where can I find these skip counting umbrellas?

These skip counting umbrellas are available both in the Math, Kids and Chaos online store (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand only) as well as over on Teachers Pay Teachers.

skip counting umbrellas math craft

This umbrella craft is also included in the Skip Counting Math Craft: Seasonal Bundle.

This bundle includes a skip counting craft for each season: snowflakes for winter, leaves for fall/autumn, umbrellas for spring, and sunflowers for summer.

Buy the bundle and SAVE 35%!


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