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I’m Hannah.

I’m a Brit living in Canada, a qualified elementary school teacher, math specialist and mom of two.  I’m also the author of two math puzzle books: the Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Pre-k and Kindergarten.

Math has always been my area of interest for me – both as a math-loving child growing up and a math-happy elementary school teacher.  I completed a Masters in Math Education in 2011 and have taught both in the UK and in Canada.

As you may have guessed from the name, this website is focused on math for kids.  It’s a place where parents, caregivers or teachers can find ideas for activities to help their children learn math.  I love to make math fun and hands-on and you’ll often find me doing math activities and games with my kids at home. You can read about many of these on this site.

You’ll also find posts about math resources I have created, some of which can be purchased in my store and some of which are available to download for free from this website.

With all my activities and resources, I’m aware that when you’ve got kids in your life, you probably don’t have a lot of time on your hands.  I therefore try to make my activities simple and low prep.

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