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If you want to help your child with math, then you’ll need to know what math they should be learning.

Click here for a simple overview of what to focus on in these early years.

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Activities to try at home

There’s so much you can do at home to get your preschooler off to a positive start with math.  

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Plus we have plenty more activities, resources and articles for you to look at.

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Ladybug Counting to 5

Finger paint dots on ladybugs with this fun ladybug activity.


Preschool Number Puzzles 1 to 10

Enjoy some important counting practice with the colourful self-correcting number puzzles.


Printable Ten Frames

Printable ten frames, of all different sizes, that you can use at home for hands-on number activities.

Free printable ten frames flash cards

Ten Frames Flash Cards

There are so many ways you can use these colourful ten frames flash cards at home. Get your own set and ideas for how to use them.

What is one to one correspondence featured image.

What is One-to-One Correspondence?

What is one-to-one correspondence and how to help your child with this crucial skill.

Number Card Scavenger Hunt

One of our favourite activities, a particularly good number activity for active children who like to learn on the move.

family games for math skills

Fun Family Games for Practising Early Number Skills

Learn math whilst playing games. Check out our favourite family games for honing those important basic math skills.

What are ten frames? (And how they help your child make sense of numbers).

What are Ten Frames?

A parent's guide to ten frames - what they are and why they're so helpful to young children beginning to make sense of numbers.

Ten frame math game for preschool and kindergarten

Ten Frame Math Game

A fun two player game for practising numbers to 10. Hands-on, interactive and great for building number sense.


Shape dot marker printables featured image

Dot Marker Shapes

Become familiar with common 2D shapes with these fun dot painting worksheets.

Sorting shapes featured image

Sorting Shapes

Get up and moving to find and sort shapes hidden nearby.

Shape Creatures

Create weird and wonderful characters using common 2D shapes. It's math and art combined.


Rainbow bear patterns

Rainbow Bear Patterns

Printable activity for working on repeating patterns. Continue the colour patterns made from colourful rainbow bears.



Measuring with a Duplo Measuring Stick

A fun introduction to measuring. Measure family member's feet using non-standard units - in this case a meauring stick made from Duplo blocks.

other helpful ideas

8 Easy Ways to Include Math in Your Preschooler's Day

Read our selection of recommended math picture books for kids of all ages, from preschool, kindergarten and beyond.

Pretend Play Ideas for Developing Early Math Skills

Squeeze a bit of math into play time with these pretend play set-ups for young children.

math manipulatives for children

Marvellous Math Manipulatives

You don't need a ton of equipment to help your child with math. However, a few select math manipulatives can be very helpful. Check out our favourites.

Math picture books for kids

30 Brilliant Math Picture Books for Kids

Read our selection of recommended math picture books for kids of all ages, from preschool, kindergarten and beyond.

5 reasons why puzzles are great for young children

We think puzzles are a great resource to incorporate into an early math curriculum. Why? Find out here.

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We have lots of math resources for preschoolers in our store.  Read about more our early math resources in the articles below:

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