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Math toolbox


A set of printable resources that can help your child as they learn math. Keep them on hand for whenever your child might need them.

While math is amazing (I may be biased), there is no denying that there is a lot of it for children to learn. Each school year packs a lot of math into the curriculum with many new concepts, strategies, written methods and math facts for children to get to grips with.

That’s why I believe that every child needs a math tool box to help them along the way.

What do I mean by a math tool box? Basically, I mean a collection of math resources (or math ‘tools’) that children can use and refer to as and when they need. These resources could be visual aids, charts, tables, or even printable math manipulatives.

Math tools like this can come in useful in a variety of different situations. For example, a visual aid can prove invaluable for explaining a new math concept (a picture speaks a thousand words, and all that…).

Likewise, charts can be helpful for children learning or revising math facts. For example, our basic multiplication charts shows children all their multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 or 12 x 12, all on one single piece of paper!

Not everyone finds math easy, so having a selection of these resources to hand can help children tackle math with a little extra confidence.

Maybe you are in need of some of these resources for your child. If so, you can see our selection of printable math ‘tools’ and resources below with links to the posts where you can find them.

I hope you find them helpful.

100 and 120 charts

100 and 120 charts

These hundreds and 120 charts are great for children who are becoming familiar with numbers and counting. Great for counting practise, spotting patterns, or for adding and subtracting numbers. Included in both colour and black ink, these are a must-have resource for children of kindergarten and grade 1 age.

Ten frames Flash Cards

ten frame flash cards for numbers 0 through 10

Ten frame flash cards are great for young children just becoming familiar with numbers to 10. Display them, order them, play matching pairs with them… There’s lots you can use them for. Have a child in preschool or kindergarten? Click the button below to find out more and get your own set of flash cards.

Printable Ten Frames

printable ten frames and dot markers

Ten frames are fantastic for children building number sense. Our printable ten frames come in four different sizes and are great for printing off and using at home for a range of different activities.

Place Value Charts

decimal place value chart with number 64.3 shown using digit cards

Children need to have a good understanding of place value in order to make sense of our base ten number system. Place value charts are great both for reference, or for doing hands on activities using digit cards. We have a few different place value charts to choose from, including a decimal place value chart.

Printable Multiplication Tables

Printable multiplication tables

These printable multiplication tables are a great visual aid when children begin to learn their multiplication facts (or you may call them times tables). Great for reference or for your child to record which facts they know and which they still need to learn.

Multiplication Charts

multiplication charts: blank and filled-in

We have printable multiplication charts for up to 10 x 10 as well as up to 12 x 12. Also included are blank multiplication charts that your child or students can practise filling in to keep on top of those multiplication tables. And the rainbow colours make math practice even more appealing…

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