Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Pre-K

Everything Kids' Math Puzzles for Pre-K Book

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Let me introduce you to
The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles for Pre-K

Want to get your child off to a flying start in math?  There’s no excuse not to with this fun-packed math puzzle book designed for very young learners.

My new book, The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Pre-K is packed with 100 puzzles and activities for young children who are just starting out with math.  It introduces them to crucial basic math skills in a fun and engaging way, and will help equip them with the math skills they need to approach kindergarten math with confidence.

Each puzzle in this book has its own fun theme from frogs to spaghetti to firefighters to stargazing. These engaging topics are brought to life on every page by the brilliant artwork of illustrator Jim Steck.

Sneak peek

So what can you expect from The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Pre-K, and what type of activities will you find inside?

This book’s aim is to make learning math fun with an array of different activities and puzzles, such as dot to dots, matching activities, mazes and colouring by number or shape.

Each puzzle is different, and will ask your child to give their answer in a variety of different ways, such as drawing a line to the correct answer, colouring the correct answer, circling an answer or writing a number.  All you need to get going with these puzzles is something to write with and some coloured crayons or markers.

At the end of the book, the answers to each puzzle are included.

The Math

The 100 puzzles in the book are divided into 7 chapters.  Each chapter practises a different set of math skills. 

Here’s the breakdown of some of the many math skills your child will be working on:

Chapter 1 – Numbers and Counting to 10

This first set of puzzles help build confidence with numbers 0 through 10.  Children will have lots of practise at identifying and naming numbers as well as ordering them.  And of course, there will be lots of counting practice.   Children will build number sense while enjoying fun themes in this section such as spaghetti and meatballs, frogs, Cindereralla and firefighters.

Chapter 2 – Comparing Numbers (numbers up to 10)

This chapter will have your child comparing numbers to 10. They’ll have to decide between two written numerals and say which is bigger or smaller. They will also compare the number of objects in two groups, using vocabulary like more, less and the same.

Chapter 3 – Introducing Adding and Subtracting (within 5)

This chapter introduces the idea of addition as putting numbers together, and subtraction as taking away.

Chapter 4 – Sizes and Measurement

In this set of puzzles, children will consider objects of different size. They will also compare objects and decide which are smaller/bigger/longer/shorter/heavier etc.

Chapter 5 – Shapes and Patterns

Common 2D shapes such as squares, circles, triangles and rectangles are the focus of this chapter.  Also included are simple repeating patterns made with colors, shapes or objects.

Chapter 6 – Sorting and Matching

In this chapter, children have lots of opportunities to sort and match objects according to size, colour, type, or how many of a certain attribute they have.


The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles for Pre-K really is packed with both math and fun.

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