Everything Kids Math Puzzles for Kindergarten

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Let me tell you all about
The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles for Kindergarten!

Want to help your child tackle kindergarten math with confidence?  There’s no excuse not to with this fun-packed math puzzle book designed for young children just starting school.

The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Kindergarten is a math puzzle book specifically designed for kindergarten-aged children. It’s the perfect way for children to develop crucial math skills whilst also having fun.

This book contains 100 puzzles and activities. 

Each puzzle has its own fun theme – from the beach to hamburgers to penguins – and every page is bright and engaging thanks to the brilliant artwork of illustrator, Jim Steck.

Whether your child is just beginning kindergarten, or they need a quick math refresher before starting grade 1, these puzzles are a brilliant way to keep math skills ticking over without it feeling like a chore.

Sneak peek

Fancy a sneak peek at The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Kindergarten?  Let me show you exactly what you can expect.

The math puzzles in this book cover a wide range of math concepts including numbers, counting, 2D and 3D shapes, patterns and measurement. 

Your child will develop their understanding of these math topics by doing a whole range of fun activities such as dot to dots, matching activities, number mazes and colouring by number or shape.

Your child will answer puzzles by writing numbers, colouring objects, matching objects, drawing paths through mazes, and more!

One thing is for certain – the wide variety of puzzles and activities in this book is sure to keep young minds interested and engaged.


All you need to get going with these puzzles is something to write with and some coloured crayons or markers.

And don’t worry, the answers to all the puzzles are included at the end of the book.

The Math

The 100 puzzles in the book are divided into 8 chapters.  Each chapter practises a different set of math skills. 

Here’s the breakdown of some of the many math skills your child will be working on as they work through the activities:

Chapter 1 – Numbers and Counting (Numbers up to 10)

This first chapter focuses on numbers to 10.  In doing this set of puzzles, children will see the numbers to 10 show in lots of different ways – ten frames, groups of objects, written numerals, dot patterns – which will help them build number sense.  Fun themes in this chapter include Jack and the Beanstalk, ladybugs, and school buses.

Chapter 2 – Numbers and Counting (11-20)

This chapter moves beyond 10 and helps your child gain confidence with numbers 11 to 20. Children will practise counting up to 20 objects, ordering numbers and writing them too. They’ll also tackle puzzles where the numbers to 20 are broken down into tens and ones, paving the way for the math topic of place value.

Chapter 3 – Comparing Numbers

Next comes lots of practice at comparing numbers.  Puzzles involve comparing the numbers 0 to 10, both as numerals and as groups of objects, and determining which are smaller, bigger or equal.

Chapter 4 – Counting to 100

There’s numbers galore in this set of puzzles as your child gets practice at counting up to 100 by 1 and by 10.

Chapter 5 – Adding

This chapter begins with puzzles that involve adding within 5, before progressing to addition within 10.  Puzzles also help children learn their number bonds to 10.

Chapter 6 – Subtracting

Subtraction puzzles in this section begin with subtraction within 5, before progressing to subtraction within 10.  There are also simple word problems with fun themes such as bees and a visit to the bakery.

Chapter 7- Measurement and Data

The puzzles in this chapter help children compare and sort objects according to measurable attributes such as length, width and capacity.  Fun themes in this chapter include an enchanted forest and snowmen.

Chapter 8 – Shapes and Patterns

This content-packed chapter covers 2D and 3D shapes as well as simple repeating patterns made from colours and shapes.  Some puzzles practise position words such as next to, behind and between.


Help your kindergartener get off to a flying start in math with The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles for Kindergarten!

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