Fine motor activity for toddlers (using plastic eggs!)

plastic Easter eggs on a wooden table top.

A super simple activity for toddlers using plastic eggs. Great for fine motor skills practice. My toddler LOVED it!

Does your toddler, despite having lots of toys, always want to play with random things she finds around the house?  Mine does.  Usually it’s the contents of the kitchen cabinets – saucepans, bowls, jars etc.

Toddlers are amazing in that they can have THE BEST time with the simplest of everyday items.

So today, instead of thinking “OH NO, not saucepans all over the floor again!!” when my toddler made a beeline for the kitchen cabinet, I set up a toddler-friendly fine motor activity using many of our kitchen’s most popular (but non-hazardous!) items.

plastic Easter eggs on a wooden table top

This is what we used:

  • plastic mixing bowl
  • big plastic tub
  • tall plastic jar (or something similar)
  • wooden spoon
  • tongs
  • big metal spoon
  • plastic eggs (the ones that they sell for Easter which snap in half)
plastic easter eggs, jar, bowl, tongs, wooden spoon and metal spoon

The eggs we used are little plastic Easter eggs. They’ve been so great for so many activities. They split in half so that you can put things inside, should you wish. Each egg is 2.5 inches long and so not small enough to be hazardous.

Whether you’re using plastic eggs or substituting for something else, please make sure the items are big enough so they don’t pose a choking risk to your child.

All the items we used are made out of plastic, metal or wood. We therefore had no worries about things shattering if they fell onto the floor due to plastic egg-induced excitement.

So how did we turn these items into a fun fine motor activity for toddlers?

To start with I put all the eggs in the big plastic box. I then gave my toddler another big plastic bowl and two spoons – one big metal spoon and one wooden one.

Much transferring of eggs from one container to the other ensued, first using hands and then using the big metal spoon (fine motor skills practice – hoorah!).

Next, there was lots of mixing the eggs round and round in the bowl at top speed with the big spoon (this was a highlight!)

Next, my toddler discovered how much fun it was to fill one container with eggs and then tip the contents into another container (this involved quite a lot of eggs on the floor at various stages, but heh, that’s just the way it goes!).

What next?

After a while, I added the tall plastic jar to my toddler’s collection of ‘stuff’.  This added an extra challenge as the opening of the jar is smaller than that of the bowls and the jar is also taller. A little more precision was needed here. Spooning or placing the eggs into this tall jar was a bit trickier but my toddler seemed to consider it a fun challenge. 

As a final extra, I added a pair of tongs into the mix.  These were trickier to use, but my toddler enjoyed playing with them and investigating what they did and how they worked.

A success! Who knew the contents of the kitchen cabinet could be such fun?

This simple activity was a huge success and engaged my toddler (and at some points my preschooler!) for a good 45 minutes (which for a toddler is a lonnng time, no?!), and again the next day. 

Toddlers so often flit from one activity to the other, but this one proved to be a sure-fire hit.  It was also so fascinating for me to watch as my toddler came up with all these cool ideas for what to do with the items on the table.

So, next time your toddler heads for the contents of the kitchen cabinet, why not give this activity a try? Super quick to set up, lots of fun for the toddler in your life and great for honing those fine motor skills too.

So that was our egg-themed fine motor activity for toddlers – lots of fun and great for fine motor skills practice.

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