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Ten Frames Flash Cards

Ten frames flash cards for numbers 0 through 10 make a really helpful resource for young children building number sense.

If you have a child just starting out with math in preschool or kindergarten, I imagine you may have come across ten frames.

Ten frames are a fantastic, visual way to represent numbers. They help children ‘see’ numbers and understand their value.

(If you want to find out more about this topic, I have also written an in depth post all about ten frames and how they help your child develop number sense).

If you’re looking to help your child build early number skills with ten frames, having a set of flash cards is always helpful – the more your child can see and work with numbers shown in this way the better.

In today’s post you can get your own set of printable ten frames flash cards (in rainbow colours, no less!) for numbers 0 through 10, which I hope you will find helpful.

There is lots that you can do with them.

Tell me about these ten frames flash cards

This set of flash cards is a PDF download which you an print to use at home with your child or at school with your own class of students.

ten frame flash cards for numbers 0 through 10

There are 11 cards included, for 0 through to 10.

Each card shows a number in the form of a ten frame, as well as in word form and as a written numeral.


I would recommend printing these on card stock if possible as this means the cards will last much longer. (Plus if they’re a bit sturdier it makes them much easier to pick up off the table top when you’re working with them!).

Although these are colour flash cards, they’ll be equally as useful printed in just black ink.

Activities to try at home

Once you’ve got your ten frames flash cards ready to go, you’ll want some activities to try with them. Why not start with these?

1. Order them

First of all, jumble all the cards so they’re in no particular order.

Challenge your child to lay all the cards out in order, from smallest to largest (you’ll essentially be making your own big number line).

number line made out ten frame flash cards for numbers 0 through 5

If that’s too simple, jumble them up again and try ordering them from largest down to smallest.

You can even add some movement into the equation too. Set this activity up as a flash card scavenger hunt, where your child has to find the flash cards hidden around the room or house before ordering them (you can read more on the blog about a similar activity we did with number cards – a number card scavenger hunt).

2. Match them

You can also turn these flash cards into a matching activity.

Begin by cutting each flash card into two halves so that one half shows the ten frame picture, and the other half shows the numeral and word.

ten frame for number 3 on table top

Jumble up the cards and help your child to match each ten frame picture to the corresponding each numeral.

ten frames flash cards jumbled up for game of matching pairs
Matching pairs played with ten frames flash crads.

3. Play a game of matching pairs

My kids and I love a good game of matching pairs, and there’s no reason why you can’t play a game using these cards.

To play matching pairs you’ll have to print off two sets of cards. We tend to just use the ten frame picture alone for the game, rather than the whole flash card.

First, decide how many pairs you want to include. For young children having all 11 pairs may well be too much, so I would recommend starting with 6 pairs (12 cards) to begin with.

Turn all the ten frame pictures face down and shuffle them around on the table so nobody knows which ten frame is where.

Take it in turns to turn over two cards. If two ten frames match, take the matching pair of cards and have another turn. If the two cards don’t match, turn them back over and your turn ends.

When all the cards are gone, the winner is the person who has the won the most matching pairs.

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I hope you find these flash cards helpful.

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