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Summer Multiplication Facts Worksheets

Summer Multiplication Facts Worksheets

A fun summer-themed set of worksheets to practise those times tables and avoid the summer slide!

Summer’s here at last! Hoorah!

Now, when it comes to summer, I appreciate that times tables are certainly not the first thing that springs to mind. Beach trips – yes, ice cream – yes, times tables…. not so much.

However, times tables are ones of those things that you just have to keep practising. And keeping them ticking over during the summer months is a good idea to avoid that dreaded summer slide (where, come September, everyone has forgotten everything they learnt before the summer vacation!).

And so, I give you these Summer Multiplication Facts Worksheets – it’s times tables practice with a summer twist.

These activities, which are available to buy now in my store, are a bit different to your usual multiplication worksheets. They’re fun, colourful, have summery pictures and involve a bit of code-breaking.

Want to find out a bit more? Let me show you how they work.

Tell me about these summer multiplication facts worksheets!

These fun summer worksheets involve solving times tables questions, but with code-breaking twist!

At the top of the page there is a table where you can see that each number 1 to 10 is represented by a summer picture (watermelon, sun, crab, flip flops etc).

summer multiplication facts number key

Underneath there are ten numbers sentences to complete. However, before you can complete these number sentences, you must first decode them, because each question is made up of pictures instead of numbers!

So, as you can see here, question 1 involves multiplying the sun by the flip flops.

sun x flipflops = ?
crab x crab = ?

By looking at the table, we can see that the sun stands for the number 2, and the flip flops stand for the number 4.

Therefore we must solve 2 x 4 and write the answer (8!) in the box.

On each worksheet there are 10 questions to complete.

How many worksheets are included in this pack?

This pack includes 11 different multiplication worksheets.

The first nine worksheets each practise one specific multiplication table (10s, 5s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s).

The last two worksheets practise a selection of facts from all tables (these are called ‘All Facts 1’ and ‘All Facts 2’).

The 11 worksheets are included in both colour and black and white versions.

If you’re using these worksheets with your child at home, you may want to start with the simpler multiplication tables (10s, 2s, 5s) before working your way through the rest. When your child has tackled each multiplication table individually, they can have a go the final two sheets which are more challenging.

Do these work well in the classroom?

Yes! These are are great for classwork, homework or for early finishers.

If you have students who are all working on different multiplication tables, these work really well.

You can assign the same activity to all students, but each child can be working on whichever set of facts they need to practice.

Have students who know all their tables? Photocopy the two ‘All Facts’ sheets back-to-back and have them work on this double sided sheet!

Is there an answer key?

The answers to all worksheets are included at the end of the resource. The answer key is simple and so your child (or students) could check their own answers once they’ve finished their worksheet.

Where can I find these summer multiplication worksheets?

These are new to the Math, Kids and Chaos online store (if you’re shopping from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

They are also available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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