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Skip counting sunflowers (math craft!)

Skip counting sunflowers math craft

A summery math craft to practise skip counting. Math meets sunflowers? You betcha!

Where I live, you know it’s summer when you drive outside the city limits and see endless fields of yellow sunflowers under huge blue skies.

Sunflowers are so joyous and I find it very hard not to feel cheery when I see them.

Looking ahead (somewhat impatiently!) to the summer, today’s math craft is sunflower-themed.

These skip counting sunflowers are a really fun and creative way to practise skip counting patterns. What’s more, the finished sunflowers look awesome on display.

Intrigued? Let me tell you a bit more.

Tell me about this sun flower math activity!

This activity practises skip counting patterns.

There are 9 different versions of the sunflower template included in the download.

Each one has a different skip counting pattern (skip counting by 2, 10, 5, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9).

This means you can select the times table that your child most needs to practise.


This activity also works really well with a class of students. Differentiation is simple: children can practise different skip counting patterns, but still complete the same math activity.

How to complete this sunflower math craft

For each different skip counting pattern there are two pages to print – a sunflower page and a page with the numbers and instructions.


Once the pages are printed out, cut out the 9 circles with numbers inside.

Next, place all the cut-out numbers on the sunflower’s petals in the correct skip counting order. (You’ll see that the first number has been done and there are little arrows showing which direction the numbers should go in).

Skip counting sunflower printable and cut out numbers.

When all the numbers are in the correct place, glue them down. (Do remind your child/students to double check the numbers are in the right order before they glue!)

And finally, add some colour.

Sunflower math craft and coloured pencils.

Display your skip counting sunflowers

The finished sunflowers look great on display.

If you’re using this activity at home, you could make a stalk and leaves out of green paper for your sunflowers.

If you’re doing this math craft with a class of students, cut out the sunflowers and use them to make a colourful and summery border for your math bulletin board.

Ready to purchase your own set of sunflower printables?

You can find this math craft in the Math, Kids and Chaos store (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

They are also available in our Teachers pay Teachers store.

Skip counting sunflowers product cover.

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Thanks for stopping by to read about this skip counting math craft. Have a great day!

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