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Printable ten frames

printable ten frames of different sizes

Free ten frame templates to print and use with your child at home.

If you’re working with your child at home to develop their early number skills and help them to build number sense, try to incorporate some work with ten frames.

Seeing numbers shown in ten frames can help your child understand numbers in the context of ten. Ten frames are also a great way representing a number visually, helping children to ‘see’ a number’s value.

Working with ten frames also helps pave the way for important math topics such as place value, addition and subtraction.

(Ten frames are so brilliant, in fact, that I’ve written a long and detailed post on them, which you can find here!).

If you want to help your child with numbers and counting at home using ten frames, it can be really helpful to have some ten frame grids to hand.

And that’s where today’s post comes in.

Today I have for you a pdf printable which includes a range of printable ten frame grids. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Printable ten frame grids

Included in today’s download are four pages of different sized ten frame grids.

Let me give you a quick overview of what’s included:

Large ten frame printable

First off there is a large full-page ten frame which is great for when your child is just starting out with exploring numbers up to 10.

large ten frames printable

This grid is the largest of the ones included. Because of this, it is particularly good for some hands-on learning using math manipulatives.

Cut out paper discs to go inside each square, or use something else you have around the house such as small toy cars, Lego bricks or pom poms.

ten frame printable with 6 coloured pom poms in 6 of the squares

Small ten frames

Next we have a page of small ten frame grids (8 per page):

ten frames printable (small ten frames, 8 per page)

These are the perfect size to use with markers or dot markers (bingo markers).

If you want something less permanent, you could use counters, raisins or even mini marshmallows.

a page with 8 ten frames. Three of the ten frames completed with dot markers to show numbers 6, 4 and 7

Double ten frame

Next we have a double ten frame, which is great if you want printable ten frames for exploring numbers 11 to 20.

double ten frame printable

Once printed, the grid spaces on this double ten frame are the perfect size to use with counting bears, pom poms, pebbles or unifix cubes.

Counting bears in a double ten frame to show the number 14

Triple ten frame

And finally we have a triple ten frame with three grids per page:

triple ten frame printable

You can use these as individual grids, or you could also use the page as a whole to explore numbers up to 30.

These ten frame printables are free for subscribers!

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