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Number Sense Clip Cards (numbers to 10)

Number sense clip cards (1 to 10)

A bumper pack of 120 clip cards for preschool and kindergarten aged children to help them build number sense with numbers to 10.

Clip cards! What’s not to love?

Young kids love them because they’re hands-on, fun and a bit like a quiz!

I love them because they’re a great way to practice math skills. They require no writing, so they’re really great for letting kids just focus on the math.

This pack of number sense clip cards is new to my store.

It will help your child practise important early math skills such as counting, identifying numbers, comparing numbers and ordering them.

Want to see exactly what’s included in this number sense clip card set?

I’d love to show you if you have a minute.

Tell me about these number sense clip cards!

This set contains 120 clip cards.

The cards are bright, colorful and feature fun original artwork.

If you haven’t used clip cards before, the idea is pretty simple.

Each card has a question with a few possible answers along the bottom of the card. Find the correct answer and clip on a clothes peg.

The 120 cards in this pack are broken down into six different sets of 20 cards. Each set focuses on different skills for building number sense.

Let’s take a look at each set so you can see exactly what’s included.

Clip card Set 1: Dots in ten frames

This first set of cards features ten frames.

On each card there are a number of colored dots from 0 to 10 in a ten frame grid.

Count the dots and then find the corresponding number on the bottom of the clip card. Clip the peg to show the correct answer.

Clip cards featuring ten frames.

Some of these cards show the dots filled in by row, while in others the dots are placed in random order like so:

Clip cards featuring ten frames.

Clip card Set 2: Counting Objects

This second set of clip cards provide tons of practice at counting.

Each card has something different to count, be it rainbows, basketballs, frogs, ice creams or bees (it’s an eclectic mix!).

Clip cards for counting practice.

There are two different types of questions in this set.

With some of the cards, you need to count the objects and then clip the correct number at the bottom, like so:

two clip cards one counting basketballs and one counting stars.

With other cards, the question is flipped around and your child will have to decide which picture has a specific number of objects. For example “which picture shows 2?”:

Number sense clip cards with ladybugs.

These pictures are bright and colorful and each object is big enough that preschoolers can point to or touch each one as they say the number out loud (great for little ones practising their one-to-one correspondence skills!).

Clip card Set 3: Dots on dice

This next set of card uses dot patterns to develop counting and subitizing skills.

There are two different types of question in the set. On some cards you’ll need to count the dots and clip the number underneath like so:

Two clip cards featuring dot patterns on dice.

On others you’ll need to clip the dice picture which has the correct number of dots:

Two clip cards featuring dot patterns on dice.

Clip card Set 4: Missing Numbers (ordering numbers forwards and backwards)

This next set is great practice for ordering numbers.

Each card shows four circles, but only three have a number inside.

All you have to do is find and clip the number that’s missing.

Two clip cards featuring number sequences.

When doing these cards, watch out – some of them have numbers counting up and some have numbers counting down.

When you’re working on these cards with your child, be sure to read the numbers out loud together slowly and point to each number as you say its name.

You might want to start with the cards that count forwards first, before then moving on to the ones that count backwards. (Don’t miss the backwards ones out altogether though, as counting backwards is important too!)

Clip card Set 5: Comparing Numbers (objects in groups)

And next, comparing groups of objects to see which has more or less.

Two clip cards for practising more and less.

The cards with the bears ask which group has more:

Clip card featuring two groups of bears.

And the cards with the crayon pictures are about finding which group has less:

Clip cards for comparing numbers featuring crayon pictures.

Again, encourage your child to point to each object as they count. Then clip the correct group. (I would say here to count along with your child, but when I do this at home I get told “Mummy! Stop counting!” Sigh.)

Clip card Set 6: Comparing Numbers (written numerals)

And finally, the last set of cards is also about comparing numbers, but this time it’s comparing two written numerals.

Some cards will ask you to find the biggest numbers and some, the smallest.

Two clip cards for comparing written numerals.

There are two levels of difficulty here: some cards will have two numbers to compare and on others, there will be three.

Two number sense clip cards for comparing numerals.

Phew! (I told you it was a bumper pack!)

A final note about prep…

And finally, just a quick note about prepping these cards.

Firstly, a reminder that this is a digital PDF download.

When you print out the cards, there are 4 cards per page.

I would recommend, if possible, printing on card stock rather than paper (they just last longer and it’s easier for little ones to clip the clothes pegs on if the paper is thicker).

If you can find a set of 20 clothes pegs to use, this works best as then you’ll have a peg for each card in the set.

Ready to purchase your own pack of number sense clip cards?

You can find them in my store HERE:

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Number sense clip cards

Thanks for reading and happy counting!

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