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Number Bonds Printables (for numbers up to 10)


A fun pack of number bonds worksheets and activities with lots of different themes. Great for kindergarten aged children who are just starting out with number bonds.

In kindergarten, children start to explore how numbers can be broken down into smaller parts.

At the same time, they are beginning to understand that numbers can also be joined together to make other numbers.

In short, they are learning about number bonds.

At first, children should begin by exploring number bonds with lots hands-on activities using math manipulatives (such as blocks or counters). This helps them to get the idea of numbers being broken into parts or joined together.

After that, they’ll want lots of additional activities to reinforce the concept of number bonds, and to help them learn important sets of number bonds (like number bonds to 5, 10 and 20), so that they really stick.

If your child (or students) need to work on number bonds, I have just the thing: a new set of number bonds printable worksheets for numbers up to 10.

This worksheet pack is a PDF digital download, available to purchase from the Math, Kids and Chaos online store, that can be downloaded and printed today.

Want a sneak peek of what’s included? Let’s take a look.

What’s included in this pack of printables?

This is a digital download containing 11 different printables/worksheets.

All activities focus on number bonds for numbers up to 10.

There are a variety of different types of activity in the pack and there are lots of different themes to keep number bonds practice as fun as possible.

'Rocket Ships' number bond printable by Math, Kids and Chaos

Some activities focus on number bonds of one particular number, for example numbers that add up to 8.

Other activities cover a range of number bonds, all on one page, like so:

'Umbrellas' number bonds worksheet

Within this pack, there are five printables that practice just number bonds to 10.

As ours in a base-ten number system, number bonds to 10 are particularly important. And so, it’s important that kids of this age gets lots of chances to practise these facts so that they can remember them and apply them in the future.

'Can you make 10?' number bonds printable

What kind of activities are included in this download?

This pack of worksheets include lots of different types of activity to keep things engaging.

Some activities require just a pencil, while some will require crayons so that your child can colour the correct answers. There are three cut and paste activities included as well.

The nice thing about this pack of printables is that they allow children to explore number bonds shown in a variety of ways, for example as number sentences, diagrams and dots in ten frames.

Quite frankly, the more ways children see number bonds depicted, the better!

What else should I know?

You’ll be pleased to hear that answers for the activities are all included.

In terms of printing, the activities are all included in both colour versions and in black and white versions (with the exception of the two colouring activities, which are only need to be in black and white).

Depending on where in the world you are based, there are two versions of this product available – one for US spelling and one for Canada/UK/Australia spelling. This mostly because of the word ‘colour/color’, which features often in this pack. The downloads are both identical other than these spellings.

This pack is very much no prep, so you can just print and get going!

Are you a teacher wanting to use these number bonds worksheets in the classroom?

Yes? Then you’ll be happy to hear that this pack is pretty versatile.

One option is to print a copy of all the printables for each student and allow them to work through at their own pace.

Alternatively, you could print and laminate the activities and us them for a classroom math station. Children can complete the written/colouring activities with dry erase markers, and the cut and paste activities can be done as matching activities.

And a final tip…

Finally, if you’re helping your child with these printables at home, I would definitely suggest having some blocks or counters on hand to help them as they go through the activities.

This is particularly helpful if your child is just starting out with number bonds.

Want to get your own set of number bond printables?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then you can purchase these number bonds printables in the Math, Kids and Chaos store (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

They are also available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

(Remember, there are two versions depending on whether you need US spelling or Canadian/Australian spelling).

Number bonds printables 1 to 10 (US spelling) product cover
Number bonds printables 1 to 10 (Can/UK/Aus spelling) product cover

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Number bonds printables by Math, Kids and Chaos

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