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Multiplication Chart 20 x 20


Looking for a multiplication chart that goes beyond just 10 x 10? Well this mammoth 20 x 20 multiplication chart should do the trick.

I have some questions for you…

Is your child a times tables whizz?

Has your child already learnt all their times tables up to 10 x 10?

Is your child looking for a bit of extra challenge when it comes to multiplication facts?

Well if so, then today’s post may be of interest.

Today I have multiplication charts for math facts all the way up to 20 x 20.

A multiplication chart (sometimes called a times table chart) up to 20 x 20 is a great tool for children who already know their multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 and want to start learning their 11s, 12s and beyond.

It basically allows you to easily find the product of any two numbers from 1 through to 20.

Children can also use a blank multiplication chart to help them practice their multiplication facts.

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How to read a multiplication chart

A multiplication chart is really only useful if you know how to use it. So here’s how:

On the multiplication chart you’ll see that the numbers 1 to 20 run both vertically down the left hand side and also horizontally across the top of the chart.

Now, let’s say we want to find the product of 13 and 12 (by that we mean what number do we get if we multiply 13 by 12 (or, indeed, 12 by 13).

To start, let’s find the first number, 13, down the left hand side of the chart.

Next, we’ll find the second number, 12, along the top of the chart.

Follow the row with the 12s across, and the column with the 13s down, until the two lines meet.

The box where the vertical line and horizontal line meet gives us the product of these numbers.


So, as you can see on the chart above, 12 x 13 is 156.

A point worth noting: In our example we found 12 along the top row of the chart and 13 down the side of the chart. But, it doesn’t matter if we switch this around and find the 13 along the top and 12 down the side. The answer will still be the same. Try it for yourself on the chart above for a different pair of numbers.

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Want your own pdf copy of our 20 x 20 multiplication charts?

A multiplication chart is a great educational tool if your child is learning multiplication facts. To help, I have put together a free multiplication chart that covers facts all the way up to 20 x 20.

There are two versions of the completed multiplication chart (one plain, and one jazzy rainbow-coloured one), plus one blank multiplication chart as well.

Our multiplication charts for 1 to 20 are free for subscribers.

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Please note: these multiplication charts are for personal use only. This means you can use them at home with your child (or in your home school) or in a school setting with your own class of students. Please refer to our terms of use for more information.

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