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Multiplication array matching activity (free printable)

A free multiplication array matching activity. A fun, hands-on way to practice an important math concept.

Looking for an activity to help your child practice multiplication arrays? Then you’re in luck!

Today I have a multiplication array matching activity for you that is fun, hands-on, and requires no writing.

Yes, all you need to get going is the printable (which is free for subscribers to download – sign up at the end of the post) and a pair of scissors.

(If you need a bit more information on multiplication arrays and what they are, you might want to take a look at a recent post called What are Multiplication Arrays? (and how to practice them)).

So, let’s take a closer look at this activity:


First, print the out the three-page multiplication activity.

Multiplication array matching activity printables

Next you’ll need to cut out all of the cards along the dotted lines.

There are 10 pictures cards, each with a multiplication array shown by coloured stars. There are also ten corresponding number cards.

Multiplication array matching activity cards

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How to use this multiplication array activity

The aim of this activity is to match each of the star array cards to the correct number card.

Shuffle all the cards around so they are all jumbled up and then pick a card at random and try to find its partner.

For example, the picture card below shows 16 stars arranged in 2 rows of 8.

2 x 8 array picture and number cards

This is a 2 by 8 multiplication array and so its corresponding card would be the one that says 2 x 8.

arrays picture cards and corresponding number cards

Need to check answers?

When complete, all your cards should be matched as follows:

multiplication array matching activity answer key

And it’s as simple as that!

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I hope you find this fun matching activity helpful for practising multiplication arrays. Thanks for reading!

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