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Heart clip cards (for numbers up to 10)


A set of 20 heart-themed clip cards featuring ten frames: a perfect math activity for this Valentine’s Day

So, today’s math freebie is a set of clip cards.

Clip cards make for a great preschool or kindergarten math activity because they’re fun and hands-on. Plus, they require no writing, which means your child can really just focus on the math.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, this set of clip cards is heart-themed.

You can of course use these any time of year, but if you’re looking for a way to give your math activities a Valentine’s Day twist this February, these will be just the thing.

So, read on to find out all about these heart clip cards and how to use them.

Tell me about these heart clip cards

This set of clip cards is designed for preschool or kindergarten aged children who are working on building number sense with numbers up to 10.

These clip cards feature numbers 0 to 10 shown in the form of hearts in a ten frame. (Not sure what ten frames are or why they’re so helpful? This post will tell you more about that).

Your child will have tons of fun counting and clipping, and at the same time you can rest assured that they’re working on developing some important math skills, most notably counting skills and number recognition.

And in addition to the math? Fine motor skills!

Yes indeed. Clipping the clothes peg onto the right number takes some concentration and fine motor control for little ones.

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This set of clip cards comes as a PDF file. It’s free to subscribers and you can subscribe to our email list using the form at the end of the post.

There are 5 pages to print in total, with 4 clip cards on each page.

If you can, print onto card stock, rather than paper (it’s much easier for young children to clip the clothes pegs on as the card stock doesn’t move or bend as much as paper).

Certainly if you’re intending to use these in the classroom, it’s best to laminate them so they’ll last longer.

And then finally, as there are 20 cards, you’ll need 20 clothes pegs. If you can’t find that many, don’t worry – you can just do the clip cards in two sets of 10 cards and use 10 clothes pegs at a time.

And now you’re all set.

How to use these ten frame clip cards

If you haven’t used clip cards before, don’t worry. The concept is super simple (and so clever – whoever invented the concept of clip cards is a genius).

In the ten frame on each card there is a number of hearts from 0 to 10.

In this example, there are 9 hearts inside the ten frame:

Once your child have worked out that there are 9 hearts on the card, encourage them to look at the three numbers along the bottom of the card and find the corresponding number 9 (there’s the number recognition in action).

When your child has found the number 9, they simply clip a clothes peg onto the box with the to show their answer.

If your child is having a go at this activity independently, encourage them to leave the clothes peg on the cards until they’ve finished.

That way you can go through them and check the answers together afterwards.

Get your own set of heart clip cards

These fun heart-themed clip cards are free for subscribers.

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