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Halloween Multiplication Facts BUNDLE

Looking for resources for practising multiplication facts this October? Then check out the great value Halloween bundle!

Multiplication facts.

It’s so important for children to know their multiplication facts and be able to recall them quickly.

And that means: lots of practice.

With Halloween around the corner, I have put together a bundle of three resources that will give your child (or students) lots of multiplication fact practice, but in a Halloween-y kind of way!

It’s called the Halloween Multiplication Facts Bundle.

This bundle includes three very different types of activity and I’ve included a run-down on each of the activities below.

Tell me about the bundle!

The Halloween Multiplication Facts Bundle includes three multiplication resources, all with a Halloween theme.

These activities are best suited to children in grade 3 and up.

The three resources included in the bundle can be purchased individually but are best value as part of the bundle.

What’s included in the bundle?

Activity 1: Halloween Multiplication Facts

This resource contains 11 different multiplication worksheets.

On each page, there are 10 number sentences. But there’s a catch! The number sentences are represented by Halloween pictures instead of numbers.

Children must use the code at the top of the sheet to decode the number sentences and then solve them.

There is a different worksheet for each multiplication table (2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s) as well as two sheets that practise a selection of facts up to 10 x10.

Read more about these Halloween Multiplication Facts Worksheets.

Activity 2: Halloween Colour-by-Number Activities

Colour-by-number activities are always popular. And it’s no wonder.

They’re full of math and so fun to do.

This pack contains four different Halloween colour-by-number activities, each with a different picture: a witch, a haunted house, an owl/bats, and pumpkins.

The four activity sheets get progressively more challenging with the final one practising facts up to 12 x 12.

Read more about these Halloween Colour-by-Number Pages

Activity 3: Pumpkin Multiples (math craft)

This gorgeous math craft practises multiplication facts as well as revising the concept of multiples.

The same pumpkin craft is included for all multiplication tables from 2s up to 10s. Simply choose whichever multiplication table your child needs to work on.

To make the craft, cut out all the seeds (each showing multiples) and match them to the correct spot on the pumpkin by solving the multiplication number sentence.

Then, glue them down, before colouring and cutting out the pumpkin.

The finished pumpkins look great on display.

Read more about these pumpkin multiples.

Where can I find the Halloween Multiplication Facts Bundle?

This super fun Halloween Multiplication Facts Bundle is available both in the Math, Kids and Chaos online store, as well as in our Teachers pay Teachers store.

And please note: there are two versions: one for Canadian/UK/Australian spelling (e.g. colour), and one for US spelling (e.g. color)

For more fall and Halloween math resources and activities, why not head back to our Fall Math page.

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