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Easter Egg Number Puzzles (Numbers 1 to 20)

They may not be made of chocolate, but they’re fun, colourful and will help your child build number sense.

Yes, it’s time for some Easter number puzzles.

This resource contains no less than three different sets of puzzles. And, to keep things seasonal, each puzzle is an Easter egg.

These fun Easter puzzles will help your child build confidence with numbers to 20 as well as improve their addition and subtraction skills.

Want to find out more? Read on!

Tell me about these Easter number puzzles

There are three sets of puzzles included in this pack, and each one is a little different.

Each set contains 20 Easter eggs each with a number from 1 to 20 on it.

Each egg is split into two parts. It has the number shown as a numeral on the top part of the egg, and the number shown in a different way in the bottom part of the egg

These puzzles are great for use with children in kindergarten and/or grade 1.

Although each set of Easter eggs contains a puzzle for numbers 1 to 20, you can always just use the puzzles for numbers to 10 to begin with (and save the teen numbers for another time).

Let’s look at each set of eggs…

Set 1 – Ten Frames

This first set will have your child matching a numeral to a ten frame picture.

Children should look at the ten frame pattern and then match to the numeral.

Set 2 – Addition and Subtraction

The second set of eggs is great for practising addition and subtraction within 10 (eggs 1 to 10) and within 20 (eggs 11 to 20).

Simply complete the addition or subtraction number sentence and find the correct egg.

Set 3 – Base Ten Blocks

The last set of puzzles is useful for children just starting out with the idea of place value.

These eggs show numbers broken down into their tens and ones using base ten blocks.

Work out the number shown by the blocks and then find the matching numeral.

There are 60 eggs included altogether (10 ten frame eggs, 10 addition/subtraction eggs, and 10 base ten block eggs).

Each puzzle is also included in a black ink only version if you want to avoid colour printing.

Where can I find these Easter number puzzles?

These are available both in our Teachers pay Teachers store, as well as the Math, Kids and Chaos online store (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand only).

Easter egg number puzzles for 1 to 20

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