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Dot marker shape printables

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Free shape dot marker printables for young children. Great for learning different 2D shapes whilst also practising those fine motor skills.

Go dotty for shapes with these fun dot marker shape printables!

These math printables are a great way to get familiar with some important 2D shapes. Once you’re finished you can cut each printable in half to get eight mini shape posters.

Read on to find out more and to access your own copy of these dot marker printables (they’re free for subscribers).

What are dot markers?

Dot markers are awesome. They’re little bottles of paint with a round sponge tip. When you turn them upside down, the paint soaks through the sponge to make a dot on your paper.

They’re great fun to use and they don’t spill or make a gigantic mess (like our usual painting activities so often do).

Dot marker activities are great for young children. They’re not only fun to do, but they’re brilliant for developing fine motor skills and practising hand-eye coordination.

circle and square printable

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Tell me about these printables!

This set of printables consists of four pages of dot marker shapes. There are eight shapes included (two shapes per page).

The printables feature the following shapes: square, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle, heart, star and rhombus.

8 shape dot marker activities

Each shape has small circles inside, ready for your child to add dot marker dots.

heart and star printable

Complete each picture with just one colour, or get creative and go multi-coloured.

As your child is completing these shape activities, you can talk with them about the properties of some of the shapes. For example, does the square have straight or curved sides? How many corners does it have?

If you’ve finished the printables and want to do a bit more math, try counting the number of dots inside each shape. Which shape contains the most dots and which one has the least?

rectangle and triangle dot marker printable

After you’ve finished, you can cut these sheets in half so that you end up with eight colourful shape cards. These are great for putting on the wall or displaying in your homeschool or classroom.

completed shape printables

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Want to grab your own copy of these dot marker shape printables?

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