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Comparing Numbers: Crocodile Clip Cards (numbers to 20)

These fun clip cards will have your child comparing numbers using our fun crocodile ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal’ symbols.

Today, we’re comparing numbers. And we’re doing so using crocodiles.

Yes, in today’s post we will be sharing with your our latest clip card set, which is designed to help your child compare numbers up to 20.

These clip cards use my fun crocodile ‘greater than’/’less than’ symbols. The crocodile association is so useful because it really helps children remember what each math symbols means (remember: the hungry crocodile always eats the bigger number).

This set of clip cards contains 120 different cards and is great for kindergarten aged children, or for any child working on building number sense with numbers up to 20.

So, without further ado, let me show you this crocodile clip card set.

What’s included in this pack of clip cards?

This resource is a digital PDF download. It contains 120 printable clip cards, which you can either print at home or take to the print shop.

These clip cards are designed to be printed onto letter size paper (11 x 8.5 inches) and there are 4 cards per page.

The 120 clip cards are divided into three different sets. Let me talk you through each set:

Clip card set 1

This first set contains 48 clip cards and is focused on comparing numbers up to 10 only.

For each card, children must decide which symbol (greater than, less than or equal) should go in the box to make the number sentence correct.

Clip cards will be compare numbers shown as numerals, as dots in ten frames, as group of objects or dots on dice.

Three clip cards for comparing numbers up to 10.

Clip card set 2

This second set of clip cards contains 44 cards. For this set, children will compare numbers up to 20, with most cards focusing on numbers 11 to 20.

In this set, children will be comparing numbers shown as numerals, as dots in ten frames, as groups of objects and dots on dice.

Again, children need to clip the crocodile symbol that goes in the box to make the number sentence true.

Two clip cards comparing numbers up to 20.

Clip card set 3

The last set contains 28 ‘extra challenge’ cards.

As the name suggests, these are a little more challenging than the cards in the first two sets and are best kept for when children have completed the first two groups of cards.

There are two types of card in this set: firstly some missing number cards, and secondly some true/false clip cards.

Missing Number Cards

These cards show a number sentence involving greater than, less than or equal, but with a number missing. Children must work out what the missing number is. Out of the three answers available, there will always be only one answer that will make the number sentence complete.

Two 'missing number' clip cards for comparing numbers.

True/False Cards

These true/false cards are great for getting children into the habit of checking their answers and looking back over their work. Each card shows an addition number sentence – some are correct (true) and some are incorrect (false). Work out whether the number sentence is correct or not and clip the correct box a the bottom of the card.

Two 'true or false' clip cards for comparing numbers up to 20.


Once you have downloaded the clip card PDF document, print at home or take to the print shop. I would recommend printing onto card stock rather than paper. This is because it is much easier to clip the pegs onto card stock rather than paper (that bends easily). Plus the cards last much longer.

As well as the cards you’ll need clothes pegs. Between ten and twenty pegs works well so that you don’t have to keep unclipping pegs from other cards as your child works through them.

How to use these clip cards

Once you have all the clip cards prepped, I would recommend starting with set one and choosing 10 cards to begin with.

Spread the cards out on the table and put out a pile of pegs. Let your child choose a card that they like the look of and then look at the question together.

For most cards there are three possible answers to choose from. Decide on an answer and then clip the clothes peg onto the correct answer box at the bottom of the card.

Once you’ve done ten or so, check the answers together as you take the pegs off ready for another set.

Use the cards regularly

The great thing about clip cards is that they’re reusable (unlike a worksheet or workbook when you write the answers in and then can’t really use it again).

With important math skills such as comparing numbers, your child wants lots of practice. Clip cards are great in this sense because you can use them over and over.

Where can I find these crocodile clip cards for comparing numbers?

This clip card set is available now in the Math, Kids and Chaos online store.

They’re also available in our TPT store.

Looking for more resources, activities and articles about kindergarten math? Head back to our kindergarten math page.

Interested in more other clip card sets? We have clip cards for building number sense, as well as for adding numbers within 10.

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