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Christmas Tree Multiples (math craft)

Christmas tree math craft for practising multiples. Paper tree on wooden table top showing baubles with numbers that are multiples of 5.

Learn math AND get into the Christmas spirit with this Christmas tree math craft for practising multiples.

So we have Halloween under our belts which now means it’s full steam ahead until Christmas (phew – fall is intense).

If you’re looking for a way to make math practice extra festive this Christmas, I have just the thing for you: a Christmas tree math craft, no less.

Never heard of a math craft? It’s really just as the name suggests: it’s an activity that’s part craft and part math.

This particular Christmas math craft is great for children in grades 2 and up and will help them practise multiplication facts and learn about multiples.

So, if you’re looking for an activity that’s so Christmassy your child won’t even notice they’re crunching numbers, I got you covered. Friends, don your finest festive slippers and keep reading!

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Tell me about this math activity!

This activity involves using your knowledge of multiplication facts to put together a Christmas tree craft.

The download has Christmas tree templates for all the multiplication tables from 2s up to 10s. This means you can fit this activity to suit whatever multiplication table your child needs to practise.

If you’re using this with a class of children, differentiation is easy: children can be working on different multiplication tables whilsth all making the same craft.

The finished tree craft looks so colourful and festive on the wall.

If you’re using this in your classroom, these Christmas trees will make an awesome display for your math bulletin board.

How to make the Christmas tree math craft

To start with you’ll need to print out the tree template you want to use. You can choose to practise multiples of 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s or 9s.

Each tree template consists of two pages: one with the tree picture and another with the baubles, plant pot and star. (You will notice that the star on each tree tells you the multiplication table you are practising).

Christmas tree math craft template for multiples of 5. Two pages: one with tree outline and one with baubles with numbers inside.

To begin with, colour all the different parts of the tree.

When children are making their trees, I’d always suggest doing all the colouring first before cutting anything out.

You basically want as little time as possible between cutting out the pieces and gluing them down to avoid everything getting lost on the floor. (If you’ve cut out all the little paper pieces and then someone sneezes, quite frankly it’s game over and you may never find them again).

Once coloured in, cut out all the different parts like so:

Colored in Christmas tree template.

Next, stick the star on the top of the tree (always a fun moment), and then attach the plant pot by gluing it onto the back of the tree picture like so:

Attaching plant pot to back of Christmas tree math craft

And here comes the math…

So, now that everything’s cut out, the math comes into play (drum roll….).

On each circle on the tree (where the baubles will go), there is a multiplication number sentence. For example on the tree picture above, you can see 5 x 5, 10 x 5 and 9 x 5 as this tree is focused on multiples of 5.

The challenge is to find the bauble with the correct answer to each number sentence. So, for example, you would place the bauble with the number 25 on the circle that says 5 x 5, and the bauble with the number 5 on the circle that says 1 x 5.

In total there are 10 multiplication number sentences and 10 baubles with multiples on to match.

Once you match them all, glue them down.

Gluing baubles on Christmas tree craft. Paper tree with some baubles already attached next to a glue stick on table top.

Et voila!

When finished, you have a colourful math-themed Christmas tree for display.

In the star on the top of the tree, you can see the times table being practised (in our example, it was the 5s). In the baubles you have all the multiples of 5, from 5 up to 50.

A lot more fun than a worksheet, right?!

Completed Christmas tree math craft for multiples of 5 on table top.

Using this in the classroom?

Each tree template (from 2s through to 10s) is also included in colour. This means you can also easily use this activity as a math center if you prefer.

Color version of tree template for multiples of 4.

Simply print the both pages in colour, cut out and assemble the tree. You can then use as a fun matching activity and have your students place all the baubles in the correct spots on the tree.

Want to purchase your own Christmas tree craft?

If you want to give this Christmas tree math craft a whirl, you can purchase your own copy of this resource in the Math, Kids and Chaos online store (if shopping from Canada, USA or Australis) or over in my Teachers pay Teachers store.

It’s nice, creative way to practise math without it really feeling like you’re doing math.

Christmas tree multiples product cover. Finished tree craft on wooden table top.

Thanks for stopping by to find out a bit more about these festive math-themed Christmas trees. Until next time!

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