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Christmas Numbers (100 and 120 chart activities with a festive twist!)

Looking for a way to practise numbers and counting to 100 this Christmas? Then these Christmas numbers worksheets should fit the bill.

With Christmas looming, my current goal in life is to make math as Christmassy and festive as possible!

Today’s resource was created with children in kindergarten and grade 1 in mind. The goal of this resource is to practise numbers and counting from 1 to 100 and from 1 to 120.

This resource is a festive take on a hundreds chart ‘missing number’ activity. But this time, instead of the number actually being missing, it has instead been covered by a jolly festive picture.

Intrigued? Read on and I’ll show you…

What’s this resource all about?

This resource contains ten missing number worksheets: five worksheets for numbers to 100 and five for numbers to 120.

120 Chart Missing Christmas Number Worksheets

Each worksheet shows a hundreds chart or 120 chart. (Want to learn more about hundreds charts and why they’re so great? This post will tell you all you need to know).

On each 100/120 chart, ten numbers have been covered up by a Christmas picture.

To complete the activity, your child will have to work out what number is hiding behind each picture.

Close up of 120 chart activity

When they’ve worked out the missing number, they’ll write it next to the matching picture at the bottom of the sheet:

Christmas missing number worksheet answer boxes

Why are hundreds chart activities like this helpful for my child?

In kindergarten, children work on counting all the way up to 100. In grade 1 children continue to build fluency with counting and numbers to 100 and beyond.

It’s important that, aside from just being able to recite numbers in the correct order, children build number sense.

What’s number sense? As the name would suggest, it’s the ability to make sense of numbers, for example, by understanding their value and their relationship to other numbers. If you have good number sense, you will be able to work flexibly with numbers and be able to apply your number knowledge to solve math problems.

Hundreds chart activities help your child make sense of numbers to 100! In order to work out what number is missing, they’ll have to look at the other nearby numbers. For example, what number comes before and after the missing number.

These worksheets also give your child at writing larger numbers too.

What exactly is included in this download?

This download contains the following:

  • 5 worksheets for numbers 1 to 100 (ten Christmas numbers to find per sheet)
  • 5 worksheets for numbers 1 to 120 (ten Christmas numbers to find per sheet).
  • Answer key
  • Answer recording sheet (in case you want to use this activity as a math center – more on this below).

Using these with students in your classroom?

If you’re using this printable in the classroom with your students, there are a couple of options. Firstly, you can just photocopy a worksheet for each child to complete individually.

Another option is to use these as a math center. Print and then laminate the worksheets. Then give each child the half-page answer sheet where they can record in their answers.

Where can I find these worksheets?

This resource is available now in the Math, Kids and Chaos store (Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand).

You can also find these missing number activities in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

100 and 120 Chart Missing Christmas Number product cover

If you’re reading this and have missed Christmas, (or indeed you just want a non-Christmassy version of this activity!), this one would be more suitable:

100 and 120 Chart Missing Number Activities product cover.

Find it in the Math, Kids and Chaos store here, or over on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Thanks for reading today’s post all about Christmas numbers. Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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