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Addition Clip Cards (Adding within 10)

Addition clip cards (adding within 10).

This giant set of addition clip cards is great for kindergarten-aged children working on adding within 10.

Today we’re talking addition. Addition within 10 to be exact.

In today’s post I’ll be showing you a huge ole pack of clip cards which have been designed to help children of kindergarten age to add within 10.

These are available in the Math, Kids and Chaos store and are a brilliant choice for young children who like hands-on math activities rather than pencil and paper ones.

Ready to take a look? The let’s get cracking.

What’s included in this resource?

This resource is a digital PDF download. It contains 156 printable clip cards, which you can either print at home or take to the print shop.

These clip cards are designed to be printed onto letter size paper or card stock (11 x 8.5 inches) and there are four cards per page.

There are five different sets of cards, each of which has different types of questions.

The first set is nice and simple and each set gets progressively a little more challenging.

Let me show you the different sets included in the pack:

Set 1

This first set begins nice and simply with pictures only.

Children will add groups of objects such as stars, bears or dots on dice.

When they have counted up the total number of objects in both groups, they clip the answer at the bottom of the card.

Two addition clip cards (adding groups of objects only)

Set 2

This second set continues to show pictures, but also shows the corresponding number sentence as well.

This helps to connect the picture representation to the number sentence.

Two cards with number sentence and picture.

Set 3

In the next set of clip cards, the pictures have gone and then cards show number sentences only.

Of course, you can always have some math manipulatives on hand should your child need them or want to check their answer.

Two addition clip cards showing two different number sentences.

Set 4

Sets 4 and 5 are a little more challenging and really get children thinking about addition.

Set 4 are ‘True or False?’ cards. Children will need to look at each number sentence and decide whether it is correct or not. Clip the smiley face if what’s shown on the card is true, and the sad face if it’s false.

True/False questions like this are great for getting children into the habit of reflecting on their work and checking for errors.

Two 'true or false' clip cards for addition

Set 5

The final set consists of ‘missing number’ cards.

A number sentence is shown but there is a number missing. Children must work out which number needs to go in the box in order to make the number sentence correct.

These are perhaps the most challenging set and I would definitely recommend having either a number line or some math manipulatives (or both) for your child to use.

Two missing number addition clip cards.


This set of clip cards comes as PDF digital file.

Print the cards either at home or at the print shop.

I always recommend either laminating clip cards or printing on card stock so they are a bit more sturdy and durable. (It’s also much easier for little hands to clip the clothes pegs onto the cards if they’re sturdier).

Cut each page of clip cards along the dotted lines.

You’ll also need clothes pegs to do this activity – between about 10 or 20 is great.

How to use these clip cards

For each clip card, there are three (or in the case of the ‘true/false’ cards, two) answers to choose from.

Simply clip the clothes peg onto the bottom of the card in the correct answer box.

Card showing 3 + 5 with the number 8 answer box clipped below.

Practice makes perfect

Clip cards are a great resource because they’re reusable.

Unlike worksheets or workbooks, clip cards can be used over and over. This is great because simple math facts like addition and subtraction facts need to be practised a lot so that children become familiar with them.

Don’t expect to do too many clip cards in one go. Perhaps do between 5 and 10 at a time in short bursts.

If your child is active and you want to include some movement into this activity, place the clip cards around your home. Give your child the clothes pegs and have them move around completing the cards as and when they find each one (a bit like a clip card hunt!).

I recommend starting with the simpler cards and then moving onto the next set when your child is ready. If at any stage they are struggling, you always have the option to go back to the previous set of cards to recap. Use math manipulatives as well.

Where can I find these addition clip cards?

This big set of 156 clip cards is available in the Math, Kids and Chaos online store (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand only).

There are also available worldwide in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Addition Clip Cards (Addition within 10) product cover.

For more addition activities for kindergarten, check out our balloon number bonds or bees and hives sorting activity.

If clip cards are what you’re looking for, we also have clip cards for building number sense, as well as crocodile clip cards for comparing numbers to 20.

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